Patrice A. Alvarado, Ph.D. - Licensed Clinical Psychologist
People experience emotional healing and reduced distress within a safe, therapeutic relationship with a therapist who is both skilled and caring. My psychotherapy model is:
  • Evidence-based: based on the most current research on what works in reducing distress and promoting well-being
  • Holistic: an understanding of how the mind, body, and life spirit of a person are inseparable
  • Mindfulness-based and experiential: promoting gentle awareness of present experience, particularly of one's inner world (emotions, thoughts, sensations)
I offer individual, family, and group psychotherapy for a wide range of mental health problems and distress. My psychotherapy groups are based on the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy model for depression and anxiety.

** A New Eight-week Mindfulness-based Therapy Group/Class for Adults with Anxiety and/or Depression will begin Saturday, January 26, 2019. For more information click Here. ** 
Click here for information about upcoming mindfulness therapy groups and workshops. 
Call or email to make an appointment for individual or family therapy. 
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